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"I love this moisturizer! The reviews are accurate - it's light-weight and smells great. I put it on underneath my primer and foundation and then again at night after taking off my make up."

- Courtney-

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About Us

RSB Distribution

RSB Cosmetic Distribution are specialized in import and distribute the most renowned and award winning skincare products providing a selection of trusted brands from the Brazilian cosmetic market which uses the most advanced cosmetics technology. with that in mind brings to UK skincare products so effective, they delivery exactly what they promise and more than you can imagine.

The company headed up by Paula Severi an expert and leading beauty therapist with many years of experience in the beauty industry as a provider of luxury beauty treatments a fully qualified cosmetology, a degree in Sport massage therapy also attending numerous courses to set the standards for excellence.

RSB Cosmetic Distribution provide our clients with efficient and effective sourcing solutions for their requirements. This includes great and innovative beauty products from professional training to refits and ground up developments from salons, spas and business all over UK, based on exceptional customer service from a beauty therapist to a beauty therapist.

RSB cosmetics distribution are proud to be the sole authorized UK importer and distributor of Bel Col Cosmetic Technology.


About Bel Col

Bel Col Cosmetics specializes in the creation of technologically advanced skincare products. Our name is derived from Bel beleza for beauty and Col for collagen which is an essential component of beautiful and healthy skin.

Established in 1993, our company started with the launch of 4 collagen serums. As an industry pioneer, Bel Col now offers over 120 face and body skincare products to nourish, rejuvenate, and promote overall health of your skin. We offer a complete line for cleansing, toning, sun protection, anti-acne, acids, masks, and biotechnology creams and serums.

Our personal skincare products are formulated to replenish, regenerate, firm, and nourish skin with increased collagen, rich vitamins, essential minerals, and powerful antioxidants. Healthy skin is able to defend against free radicals like ultraviolet rays, air pollution, and stress that damage cell tissue leading to signs of aging and hyperpigmentation. Bel Col provides solutions for all skin types.

We offer professional skincare collections for spas, dermatologist offices, and skin clinics. Our concentrated ingredients leave skin feeling noticeably softer, firmer, radiant, and improve overall skin health.

Discover the power of Bel Col. A Dream of Skin for Life.

Bel Col products are in compliance in Canada, Latin America, and the European Community.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to transform "A DREAM OF SKIN INTO REALITY" by offering beauty alchemies highly technological, effective and safe.

Our Values:

Integrity, Authenticity, Transparency, Commitment and Respect for the Individual