Cleansing and Toning

Before beginning an aesthetic protocol, it is important to be aware of three essential steps to potentiate your results and provide better use of the ingredients in the skin during the cabin treatments. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are of utmost importance for the daily maintenance of care with this delicate region. However, in the case of aesthetic procedures, its accomplishment is even more important, since it prepares the tissue to receive the assets that will be used.
Cleaning the skin is essential to eliminate the accumulation of waste. Exfoliation aids in the removal of dead cells, and gives way to healthier cells, preparing them to receive the assets that will be applied during the session. Tonification is responsible for the skin’s pH balance, preparing it for cosmetic treatments and associations.
In addition, each skin needs differentiated care and responds uniquely to aesthetic treatment. Therefore, the choice of products with compatible assets is essential to achieve the desired result. To meet these needs, Bel Col has a line specially developed for the profile of each type of skin and protocol, contributing directly to various treatments, such as skin cleansing, peeling, acne and many others.
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Union of exclusive actives

The line for skin cleansing developed by Bel Col Cosmetics presents unique combinations, which besides preparing the skin, contribute to the hydration in the right measure, respecting the skin characteristics of each individual.

Developed with carefully selected ingredients, the line features products certified and with a quality standard capable of guaranteeing all necessary care to provide a clean, fresh and much smoother skin.

A line designed for results

The skin preparation line features products that can be combined in the complementation of different protocols, as well as a complete kit for deep skin cleansing. They are cleansers, tonics, soaps, lotions and exfoliants that care and provide a much healthier skin for your client.

Developed with the active principles Collagen and Oat, it is a cleansing milk capable of promoting hydration and removing impurities while being gentle with the cutaneous pH.

Non-alcoholic tonic lotion that completes the cleansing step, rebalances the pH and leaves the skin ready to receive the treatment.

Delicate non-oily solution developed with circular micellar structure surfactant that cleans thoroughly and eliminates makeup and impurities from the skin.

Helps reduce the thickening of the skin, leaving it smoother, brighter and lighter. Ideal for the care of oily and acne skin. Indicated to start aesthetic treatments, increasing the permeation of the used actives.

Promotes the removal of dead cells, leaving the skin clean, clear, smooth and ready to receive the next products of the protocol in cabin.

It reduces the resistance of skin’s first layer, facilitating the removal of pustules and comedones.

Indicated to facilitate extraction while deeply cleansing the skin, it helps to dilate the pores and soften the stratum corneum for removal of pustules and comedones.

Developed with actives to calm and relax the skin after more aggressive aesthetic procedures, it provides a moisturizing effect to the skin.


Emollient Lotion & Cream - Emolix

It reduces the resistance of skin’s first layer, facilitating the removal of pustules and comedones.




Ampoules for aesthetic procedures with Microneedling

Microneeddling is a technique performed through the superficial application of a roller with microneedles on the skin, and it is responsible for the opening of microchannels that will enable the permeation of active and even induce tissue regeneration through the production of collagen in the skin, on the place of injury.
Thinking about the practicality and safety that the professional needs when applying the technique, Bel Col Cosmetics developed 2 concentrated ampoules to enhance the most requested procedures in clinics, rejuvenation (tissue repair) and whitening.
The concentrated ampoules were calculated for single dose, thus avoiding contamination during handling of the contents to be applied. In addition to being free of pigmentation, oil and fragrance, excluding any possibility of hypersensitization due to these factors.


For tissue repair regenerating concentrated monodose with TGF-β3

Ampoules for Microneedling


  • Firmer and more elastic skin;

  • Moisturizes the skin;

  • Ideal for rejuvenation, acne scarring, stretch marks, atrophic and hypertrophic lesions.

Key actives ingredients 
With Growth Factor with Nanofactor Technology (TGF-β3), Hyaluronic Acid, Allantoin, Collagen and Trace Elements.


Masks with technology Oligotouch

Gold has anti-inflammatory and stimulating properties for tissues support proteins, also increases the skin defenses, favoring its resistance. Helps prevent loss of density and structural weakening of the skin, leading to early tissue loosening.In addition to the properties of gold, Revitalize IN mask is enriched with Senegal Acacia, Collagen and Emollient Agents that provide a revitalizing, remineralizing and moisturizing action to the skin.

Oligotouch masks are distinguished by their two application techniques: “Spider Web” and “Slide and Rest”.  These techniques are responsible for better use of the active ingredients, both for use in cabin and for use at home.

Technology Oligotouch®
In cabin, the professional can use an innovative massage technique during the application of the mask. The “Spider Web” technic which has been specially developed to enrich the procedures in cabin and stimulate skin in order to obtain better use of active substances, also providing a memorably and pleasant moment for the client. Awaken pleasure and relax your client, offering safety, effectiveness and quality in the esthetic treatments in cabin.
At home, the masks are applied with the “Slide and Rest” technique, which is the slip application technique, followed by resting until total drying and then complete removal. Due to its film forming ability, after 25 minutes, it is easily removed using the fingertips, which provides practicality for the client.


Treatment Anti-age 

with Grown Factor Poly Peptide + 10 Rejuvenating actives

Aging is a process of natural degradation of the body. Besides being linked to intrinsic factors, it can also be catalyzed by external factors, which culminate in the loss of functional capacity of the cells causing changes and delays in the regeneration of the tissue itself. 

In addition, each stage of aging has distinct characteristics that must be associated with differentiated treatments to meet the needs of each type of skin.
Oxyage Technology, developed with the richest rejuvenating active principles, is composed of high technology products, which provide effective benefits against chronological and extrinsic aging, promoting the renewal, hydration and nutrition of the skin, ensuring stimulation in the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
Through clinical studies and proven efficacy, Oxyage Technology Kit, which offers a differentiated and modern application, provides the skin with intense lifting effect, reduction of lines of expression and wrinkles, improvement of firmness, elasticity, luster, softness and luminosity, acting directly on the redefinition of the facial contour. See the test results on the side:

With Poly Peptide Grow Factor +10 Rejuvenating actives

  • Poly Peptide Grow Factor: is a bio identical peptide, an active and concentrated fraction of insulin-like growth factor that acts on the epidermis and dermis, stimulating the synthesis of new proteins.

  • Glycolic Acid: Derived from sugar cane, it promotes cell renewal and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, in addition to improving the texture and firmness of the skin, attenuating expression lines.

  • Latic Acid: Derived mainly from milk and found naturally in the skin improves the texture of the tissue through its antioxidant action.

  • Salicylic Acid: It has keratolytic activity, removing dead cells from the skin surface and anti-inflammatory, reducing the pro inflammatory substances responsible for the degradation of collagen and elastin (aging) and acne.

  • Alantoine: It accelerates the proliferation of new cells, stimulates the growth of new tissues, providing regeneration and rejuvenation.

  • Collagen:  With reduced molecular weight, Biotechnology Collagen represents characteristics of the substance present in the deeper layers of the skin and guarantees a reduction in the depth of wrinkles and hydration of the skin.

  • Algae Extract (Energilium): Composed of marine algae, minerals and ATP, it promotes the replacement of minerals essential for the formation of support proteins, and fights the daily stress damages.

  • Trace Elements (Physiogenyl): Complex rich in trace elements that correspond the nutritional needs of cells.

  • Pentapeptide-4 (Matrixyl): The Pentapeptide messenger stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin providing filling of lines and wrinkles.

  • Silanol (Hidroxiprolisilane): Combination of organic silicon with the amino acid hydroxyproline. It stimulates the collagen biosynthesis, accentuates the process of tissue regeneration and reorganization of the fibers present in the extracellular matrix.

  • Vitamin E: A well-absorbed fat-soluble vitamin that imparts antioxidant action to the deeper layers of the epidermis, protects the cell wall and retards skin aging.

Get to know Oxyage Line

It is a concentrated formula of Sodium Hyaluronate, Collagen, Growth Factor Polypeptide, Trace Elements (Physiogenyl) and Pentapeptides Messengers (Matrixyl), ingredients with high transformer, nutritive and firming potential that help to smooth wrinkles and stimulate the vitality of the skin.


The Oxyage Biorevitalizing Mask is enriched with Marine Water, Collagen, Silanol (Hydroxyprolisilane) and Algae Extract, essential ingredients to stimulate metabolism and cellular regeneration, providing improved texture, hydration and lushness to the skin.

With similar actives from products of professional treatment, Serum Oxyage aims to prolong the effects of the procedure performed in cabin. It is a product with light texture and pleasant to the touch that provides high hydration and nutrition, besides increasing the oxygenation of the skin.


By presenting A formula enriched with Essential Oil of Geranium, Collagen and Vitamin E, the Oxyage Cleansing Milk guarantees the effective cleaning of the skin without provoking irritation. It is absolutely delicate for not containing soap.

The delicate Oxyage Toning Water is composed of Rose Extract and Marine Water, actives thataa rebalance the skin pH and replenish minerals essential for the skin. 

Oxyage Prep Phase 1 and Phase 2 are an effective method for cell renewal. They are products formulated to be mixed at the time of use. This combination results in an easy-to-apply mousse that provides removal of dead skin surface cells and stimulation of tissue regeneration. Leaves skin ready to receive other actives.


Photo-permeable fluids

Focalize L E D

The line Focalize LED Bel Col, was created with high technology, to improve aesthetic treatments with the use of LED.

LED, also known as Light Emitting Diode, acts directly on cells, controlling their proliferation and repairing damage caused by external and biological factors.
Bel Col has developed a line with photo-permeable fluids that work by focusing on emitted light and delivering more effective results in less time by maximizing the use of light and its benefits to the skin.
The line Focalize LED Offers photo-permeable fluids, enriched with bio-lubricated actives that intensify professional treatments, with options for dermal restructuring, acne treatment, skin whitening and soothing after more aggressive procedures.

Focalize LED line, have a unique and technologically balanced formula to accompany aesthetic LED treatments. By applying the fluid onto the skin, a film is formed and with it the beam of light emitted by the apparatus is focused, promoting maximum utilization of the benefits of the light.

Currently we can work in different wavelengths, each one emitting a visible color with specific action. The most common colors for skin care are: blue LED light, red LED light and infrared, as shown in the strip below.

Differentiated technology

It is found in the market two classes of cosmetics that can be used with low power laser and LED light:


It was noticed that the action of the active principle is potentialized when the product comes into contact with light.


In addition to aiding in the permeation of the active principle, light is directed towards the skin without dissipating. In this way, it also intensifies the action of light.


ACNLED was developed to potentialize the skin treatments with acne. Formulated with active ingredients that help reduce excessive oiliness due to the lack of control of the sebaceous glands activity, it helps manage the inflammatory process of acne, besides providing the necessary hydration for acneic skin.


CALMLED is a fluid developed with substances obtained from milk and stabilized by a special process, helps soothing light rebalance and soothe the skin after applying laser, chemical peels, aggressive procedures in cabin or skin cleansing. CALMLED also offers moisturizing function during the time of light exposure.


STRUCTLED was formulated with a blend of two matrikines (Pal-GHK and Pal-GQPR) that act on cell renewal and tissue regeneration, repairing the tissue weakened by the aggressions caused over the years.


CLARILED is a fluid developed to aid in the aesthetic procedures for skin whitening. Its formula was developed with Mandelic Acid, an excellent almond-derived active that acts on skin pigmentation disorders, and Hexylresorcinol, a safe and effective bleaching agent that acts in the different stages of melanogenesis.