July 04, 2019

Cleansing & Toning

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Before beginning an aesthetic protocol, it is important to be aware of three essential steps to potentiate your results and provide better use of the ingredients in the skin during the cabin treatments. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are of utmost importance for the daily maintenance of care with this delicate region. However, in the case of aesthetic procedures, its accomplishment is even more important, since it prepares the tissue to receive the assets that will be used.
Cleaning the skin is essential to eliminate the accumulation of waste. Exfoliation aids in the removal of dead cells, and gives way to healthier cells, preparing them to receive the assets that will be applied during the session. Tonification is responsible for the skin’s pH balance, preparing it for cosmetic treatments and associations.
In addition, each skin needs differentiated care and responds uniquely to aesthetic treatment. Therefore, the choice of products with compatible assets is essential to achieve the desired result. To meet these needs, Bel Col has a line specially developed for the profile of each type of skin and protocol, contributing directly to various treatments, such as skin cleansing, peeling, acne and many others.
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Union of exclusive actives

The line for skin cleansing developed by Bel Col Cosmetics presents unique combinations, which besides preparing the skin, contribute to the hydration in the right measure, respecting the skin characteristics of each individual.

Developed with carefully selected ingredients, the line features products certified and with a quality standard capable of guaranteeing all necessary care to provide a clean, fresh and much smoother skin.

A line designed for results

The skin preparation line features products that can be combined in the complementation of different protocols, as well as a complete kit for deep skin cleansing. They are cleansers, tonics, soaps, lotions and exfoliants that care and provide a much healthier skin for your client.


Developed with the active principles Collagen and Oat, it is a cleansing milk capable of promoting hydration and removing impurities while being gentle with the cutaneous pH.


Non-alcoholic tonic lotion that completes the cleansing step, rebalances the pH and leaves the skin ready to receive the treatment.


Delicate non-oily solution developed with circular micellar structure surfactant that cleans thoroughly and eliminates makeup and impurities from the skin.


Helps reduce the thickening of the skin, leaving it smoother, brighter and lighter. Ideal for the care of oily and acne skin. Indicated to start aesthetic treatments, increasing the permeation of the used actives.


Promotes the removal of dead cells, leaving the skin clean, clear, smooth and ready to receive the next products of the protocol in cabin.


It reduces the resistance of skin’s first layer, facilitating the removal of pustules and comedones.


Indicated to facilitate extraction while deeply cleansing the skin, it helps to dilate the pores and soften the stratum corneum for removal of pustules and comedones.


Developed with actives to calm and relax the skin after more aggressive aesthetic procedures, it provides a moisturizing effect to the skin.


Written by Ariel Tavares