June 14, 2019

Masks with technology Oligotouch

Oligotouch masks are distinguished by their two application techniques: “Spider Web” and “Slide and Rest”.  These techniques are responsible for better use of the active ingredients, both for use in cabin and for use at home.

Technology Oligotouch®
In cabin
, the profisseonal can use an innovative massage technique during the application of the mask. The “Spider Web” technic which has been specially developed to enrich the procedures in cabin and stimulate skin in order to obtain better use of active substances, also providing a memorably and pleasant moment for the client. Awaken pleasure and relax your client, offering safety, effectiveness and quality in the esthetic treatments in cabin.
At home, the masks are applied with the “Slide and Rest” technique, which is the slip application technique, followed by resting until total drying and then complete removal. Due to its film forming ability, after 25 minutes, it is easily removed using the fingertips, which provides practicality for the client.


Gold has anti-inflammatory and stimulating properties for tissues support proteins, also increases the skin defenses, favoring its resistance. Helps prevent loss of density and structural weakening of the skin, leading to early tissue loosening.
In addition to the properties of gold, Revitalize IN mask is enriched with Senegal Acacia, Collagen and Emollient Agents that provide a revitalizing, remineralizing and moisturizing action to the skin.


Written by Ariel Tavares