June 13, 2019

Focalize LED - Photo-permeable fluids


The line Focalize LED Bel Col, was created with high technology, to improve aesthetic treatments with the use of LED.

LED, also known as Light Emitting Diode, acts directly on cells, controlling their proliferation and repairing damage caused by external and biological factors.
Bel Col has developed a line with photo-permeable fluids that work by focusing on emitted light and delivering more effective results in less time by maximizing the use of light and its benefits to the skin.
The line Focalize LED Offers photo-permeable fluids, enriched with bio-lubricated actives that intensify professional treatments, with options for dermal restructuring, acne treatment, skin whitening and soothing after more aggressive procedures.

Focalize LED line, have a unique and technologically balanced formula to accompany aesthetic LED treatments. By applying the fluid onto the skin, a film is formed and with it the beam of light emitted by the apparatus is focused, promoting maximum utilization of the benefits of the light.

Currently we can work in different wavelengths, each one emitting a visible color with specific action. The most common colors for skin care are: blue LED light, red LED light and infrared, as shown in the strip below.

Differentiated technology

It is found in the market two classes of cosmetics that can be used with low power laser and LED light:


It was noticed that the action of the active principle is potentialized when the product comes into contact with light.


In addition to aiding in the permeation of the active principle, light is directed towards the skin without dissipating. In this way, it also intensifies the action of light.


ACNLED was developed to potentialize the skin treatments with acne. Formulated with active ingredients that help reduce excessive oiliness due to the lack of control of the sebaceous glands activity, it helps manage the inflammatory process of acne, besides providing the necessary hydration for acneic skin.


CALMLED is a fluid developed with substances obtained from milk and stabilized by a special process, helps soothing light rebalance and soothe the skin after applying laser, chemical peels, aggressive procedures in cabin or skin cleansing. CALMLED also offers moisturizing function during the time of light exposure.


STRUCTLED was formulated with a blend of two matrikines (Pal-GHK and Pal-GQPR) that act on cell renewal and tissue regeneration, repairing the tissue weakened by the aggressions caused over the years.


CLARILED is a fluid developed to aid in the aesthetic procedures for skin whitening. Its formula was developed with Mandelic Acid, an excellent almond-derived active that acts on skin pigmentation disorders, and Hexylresorcinol, a safe and effective bleaching agent that acts in the different stages of melanogenesis.

Written by Ariel Tavares