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Program of Skin Bioincrement

1 - Cleansing & toning - menor.jpg

The best of cosmetic tecgnologic at your reach Before beginning an aesthetic protocol, it is important to be aware of three essential steps to pote...

4 - Masks with technology Oligotouch.jpg

Oligotouch masks are distinguished by their two application techniques: “Spider Web” and “Slide and Rest”.  These techniques are responsible for be...

2 - Emollient Lotion & Cream - Emolix -

It reduces the resistance of skin’s first layer, facilitating the removal of pustules and comedones. Cream Lotion

5 - Treatment Anti-age With Grown Factor

Reverting Signs of Skin Aging

3 - Ampoules for Microneedling.jpg

Microneeddling is a technique performed through the superficial application of a roller with microneedles on the skin, and it is responsible for th...

6 - Focalize LED - Photo-permeable fluid

The line Focalize LED Bel Col, was created with high technology, to improve aesthetic treatments with the use of LED. LED, also known as Light Emit...